Why Is First Aid Training Necessary?

5 Reasons First Aid Training is Essential

Human beings are susceptible to illness, injury and trauma. And the hard part is, we never know when an accident or illness may strike us down. We could be at work, at the shops, in a restaurant, at home or anywhere else.

This is why having trained first aiders is essential. The more people that have first aid training, the more lives can be saved, should an accident occur. Here are the five top reasons first aid training is essential.

Saves Lives

If an accident happens, a trained first aider can give the immediate care that could save a life. The longer a casualty has to wait, the increased chance of serious consequences or even death. While anyone might rush to help when someone injures themselves, a trained first aider has the expertise and confidence to do what is necessary quickly.

Relieves Pain

A small injury such as a sprain or strain, might just need a rest, ice, compression and elevation to start relieving pain and minimizing the injury. Trained first aiders know the best course of action to take, to make a casualty as comfortable as possible.

Inspires Confidence

Having a trained first aider in the building inspires confidence in those around them. In a work situation, this promotes a healthy environment for everyone, knowing they will be looked after if an accident happens.

Increases Safety

First aid training creates a safe environment for everyone, particularly at work when accidents are more likely to occur. The first aider will become more alert and aware of potential danger around them and how to make their surroundings safe. Prevention is better than cure and knowing what to look out for helps to reduce the number of accidents and casualties.

Prevents an Injury from Getting Worse

A trained first aider would be taught how to manage an injury and prevent the patient from deteriorating. The initial treatment administered, buys the patient time, until professional help arrives. The extra few minutes saved could literally mean the difference between life and death in extreme cases!

Where to Get Professional First Aid Training?

Link Resources provides first aid training, designed to give students the necessary knowledge and skills, to administer first aid in a range of situations. Face to face training and assessment is held at one of the Link Resources training facilities in Hobart, Brisbane, Adelaide, Devonport or the Sunshine Coast. Fill out the contact form to ask a question or request a brochure.