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Link Resources are committed to helping your employees gain all the necessary industry knowledge and skills they need to take your workplace to the next level. Our training courses have been created to help organisations get their workers up to speed with nationally recognised qualifications so you don’t have to worry about any awkward workplace audits.

However, training with us is not just about having a ticked box next to your employees’ names. Our trainers, resources and programs have all been selected with quality in mind, to create real-world scenarios that will be specifically relevant to your field or sector. There’s no time or money wasting with our courses, as we bend over backwards to make our training work within your schedule and location.

Partnering with us will ensure your employees fulfil their potential within the Heavy Industries.

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So, you have a list of employees whose first aid certificates are expiring soon, or you need them to gain new qualifications?

Get in touch with and send them our way so they can complete one of our nationally recognised courses covering everything in the Heavy Industries from emergency response to equipment management to workplace health and safety training.

Link Resources have compiled a comprehensive list of programs that will help your workers get up to speed with the latest in industry standards and requirements.

We understand that the Heavy Industries is a big, diverse sector, requiring all kinds of skills and knowledge. That’s why we’ve put everything we can into compiling a course list that ticks all the boxes so you don’t have to go searching for the right option.

All the solutions will be placed right at your fingertips when you choose Link Resources training.

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What sets us apart from other training organisations is our dedication to bending over backwards to tailor our courses to suit exactly what you need, when and where you need it. There’s no mucking about with what we teach your workers, making sure we’re not wasting anyone’s time with unnecessary information. So, for example, if you’re managing a mining site in the desert which experiences hazardous wildlife and low rainfall, we’ll customise our first aid training to include how to manage a snake bite rather than how to avoid drowning. Our always-open approach means you can talk directly to us about what needs to be ticked off from our services.

This flexibility extends to how we deliver our training courses. We offer e-learning services for our remote students, or, we can also make the trek out to your worksite to deliver the material in person. And, of course, we are always excited to open the doors to our well-equipped training facilities to any and all students.


At Link Resources, we pride ourselves on providing training services that will exceed organisation’s expectations by taking their workers to the next level and beyond. Our secret to success is the way we carefully select trainers who bring with them a stack of field experience and personal skills to get the most out of your employees.

This selection process involves a lot of thoughtful interviewing and onboarding for new recruits, while making the most of our extensive network of experts that we have built up over the years. Our facilities are also fitted with the latest and greatest in training equipment that simulates real world scenarios that may occur in the workplace. So, when you combine quality trainers with quality equipment, you end up with a quality learning experience that has benefited thousands of students over the years.


If you have any questions about how Link Resources can help train your workers, we’d love to hear from you on (07) 5491 2144.