Link Resources can provide organisations in the Heavy Industries with the latest and greatest health & medical equipment and personnel so you don’t have to lose sleep over the safety of your employees and worksite.

Thanks to our high quality health & medical resources and portable facilities, you can trust us to take care of any emergencies or injuries that occur, while putting in place smart and practical prevention and management strategies.

Best of all, our experts are more than happy to impart their knowledge to your team through our training and consulting services. If your organisation needs a shot in the arm for their health & medical services, Link Resources are here to help.

Serious Man In Medical Iniform Sit On The Ambulance Car.
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At Link Resources, we never compromise on quality. That’s why any and all health & medical equipment that we supply your organisation will be specifically selected to get the job done and do the job well. Our landcruiser ambulances are all fitted with the latest emergency response equipment and can be driven in all terrains.

However, if an emergency were to occur in a part of your worksite that can’t be accessed by land, then we have you covered there as well. Link Resources’ helicopters can provide crucial aero-evacuations so your workers will have their back covered no matter where they are.

For onsite medical response, our towable medical facilities come fitted out with all the equipment needed to treat patients. They can also act as the base of operations for training, consulting, and emergency response strategies to be developed and deployed. And yes, they are also air conditioned!