Link Resources is all about helping organisations smash their goals and deadlines by providing them with expert personnel to support in a range of services. Hiring our personnel means hiring committed professionals who come equipped with the relevant experience and knowledge in their field to help you complete jobs and ensure a safe working environment.

Thanks to our rigorous recruitment process, you never have to worry about the quality of personnel we provide. We select the best to give you the best.


Whether you need a medical crew on site, a fire & rescue department, or workers specialising in specific equipment or procedures, Link Resources can provide you with the right personnel for the job. Our secret to success is the thorough recruitment process that we use to select the best of the best personnel in their field. This involves taking the time to check resumes, conduct interviews, and ensuring they have the correct qualifications. At Link Resources, we’re not about cutting corners.

Once selected, we work with you, the organisations, to determine which of our personnel is the best fit for your needs. We can pull from both Australian and International specialists who can fill any gaps in your work structure. Best of all, the entirety of the logistical and financial effort that goes into finding the right personnel is handled entirely by us. So, you can reap the benefits of having expert personnel working for you without having to worry about their quality or ability to complete their jobs.

Professionalism, commitment, and effectiveness are all hallmarks that define the personnel we send you. We understand that you have deadlines you need to meet and tasks that need completing. That’s why we bend over backwards to only send you personnel who value getting the job done as much as you do. They will integrate seamlessly into your organisation’s structure, bring with them valuable experience that you can make the most of, and work with you and your employees to help reach the finish line.

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Link Resources provides all of our personnel with the latest in industry-leading equipment so they have what it takes to do the job and do it well. So you can expect our guys to know how to handle themselves in confined spaces, working at heights, and responding to HAZMAT situations. For emergency response, they are fully trained in first aid & CPR, can develop strategies and procedures, and implement prevention measures to look after the health & wellbeing of your employees.

What’s even better is that hiring our general field personnel can be personalised to specifically match what your organisation is looking for. There’s no point wasting time and money on people you don’t need, so reach out, and we’d be happy to have a chat about who we can provide and how we can best approach the provision. Your company’s interests are at the centre of everything we do, so let’s get these discussions started on how we can best help you out!


If you’re looking to hire expert personnel from Link Resources to help with your organisation, reach out to us today on (07) 5491 2144.