Consulting Services

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Link Resources consulting services are here to help your organisation fill gaps in their knowledge and procedures to help you smash deadlines, look after your employees, and create a safe and healthy working environment.

We’re more than happy to come out and review any procedures, perform site audits and risk assessments, and see what’s working well while helping you improve certain areas of your operations.

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Taking care of the environment is one of the key responsibilities in the Heavy Industries, so we’d love to send some of our consultants your way to give you a hand.

Our guys can help you develop environmental management plans & impact statements, while working with you on spill response & chemical management procedures. Need an environmental audit conducted? Our consultants can manage that too.


You can never be too prepared for emergencies, which is why our consultants go to great lengths to help your and your organisation cover all bases in emergency response.

We can come to your work site and run emergency response drills and scenarios specific to the scope of work you conduct. We can also set up onsite first aid rooms, provide emergency response equipment, and help elect and train fire wardens.

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Link Resources can help employees through rehab & return to work programs for organizations that don’t have those structures in place. Injuries shouldn’t have to spell the end of your career, and we will do everything in our power to get you back on track to where you were before.

We can also help organisations with their rehab & return to work cases, while providing them with education & advice.



Link Resources can provide consultation services to aid with employees’ health & wellbeing within the workplace. We appreciate the need to set up, develop and roll out health initiatives for staff, help with vaccinations and provide flu vaccinations, and help with mental health initiatives.

We also roll out information and awareness sessions for staff and conduct drug and alcohol screening and testing.