Lease Hand


Leasehands are basically the front line labourers on oil & gas rigs. This industry is beginning to get very busy (again), so now is a great time to get started on this career path.


Leasehand roles are suited to those that are looking to commence an exciting and rewarding career in the Oil and Gas industry. The role of a Leasehand is to perform labour intensive tasks on an oil rig, such as maintaining equipment, assisting other crew members, and adhering to safety guidelines. Becoming a Leasehand means entering an industry that provides an abundance of exciting career opportunities and includes work that will keep you on your toes and challenge you in rewarding ways.

Leasehands typically work on a FIFO/DIDO roster, meaning you’ll be balancing periods of hard work with time away from the rig. The position includes gaining additional qualifications and the ability to progress within the industry.

To become a Leasehand on an oil rig, you will first need to gain a series of qualifications. While this list of courses may seem daunting, Link Resources has all of these training requirements within our convenient ‘Rig Ready Program’. This 5-day program offers everything you need to become a Leasehand and get a foot in the door within this lucrative industry.


The main resposibilities as a Leasehand include the following tasks:

  • Assist Crew with maintenance of rig equipment and tubulars as directed
  • Maintain areas of responsibility in clean, tidy and safe condition
  • Assist in movement of equipment about the rig and between the rig and transport loads
  • Assist the drilling crew as directed in measurement, labelling and recording detail of casing and drill pipe
  • Perform relieving duties on the drill floor as required