What is Operate Breathing Apparatus Training?

What is Operate Breathing Apparatus Training?

This is a safety requirement for workers who typically have to operate in hazardous atmospheres and confined spaces where there are toxic fumes or chemicals present, or an unsafe level of oxygen and have to operate a self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA). The course does not cover the use of rebreather (closed circuit) apparatus.

The course covers three main areas:

  1. Conduct pre-donning checks and tests on breathing apparatus
    1. Operate breathing apparatus
    1. Conclude operations in accordance with procedures

Being competent in these areas means workers skills are vastly increased in identifying multiple types of hazards which are essential when operating breathing apparatus in any environment, especially confined spaces and where toxic gasses, fumes or lack of oxygen are present. Course covers operating alone and in teams to cover all real world scenarios.

Who is Operate Breathing Apparatus Training for?

Typically workers are required to wear breathing apparatus when:

  • In a confined space
    • With hazardous gases/vapours
    • In an oxygen deficient atmosphere
    • In other situations requiring the wearing of breathing apparatus

There are other situations where breathing apparatus is required, like emergencies but the operate breathing apparatus training course is primarily designed for the above. There are no pre-requisites but students must be literate in the English language and be able to perform tasks wearing 12 Kgs of equipment. The 1 day course is ideal for companies who have workers operating in these conditions such as:

  • Mining Industry
    • Civil Construction Industry
    • Oil & Gas Industry
    • Power Generation Industry
    • Maintenance & Shutdown Industry

Types of Environments and Conditions

As part of the course, it’s mandatory to be able to operate in different work environments and conditions that may affect performance. Our courses are delivered face to face at one of Link Resources purpose-built training facilities in Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Devonport, Hobart and Adelaide.

If an organisation or company has specific requirements we can provide training and assessment on-site to groups by arrangement. Where assessment is undertaken on the job appropriate supervision and safety precautions must be provided.

What Types of Breathing Apparatus are Covered?

The operate breathing apparatus course is designed around one or more open circuit systems. These include self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA), airline equipment and other similar breathing apparatus. It does not include rebreather systems which are designed for underwater use.

Course Benefits

Being able to work in an emergency or other hazardous environment safely will require good knowledge of checking and also operating the breathing apparatus correctly. Mistakes in these crucial areas will lead to accidents and potentially fatalities. All the course requirements are focused on safety and will give students the necessary skills to perform correctly in any situation. Our courses are delivered in custom facilities across QLD, Tasmania and SA, to find out how we can help your business more with these courses call (07) 5491 2144.