As external Rehabilitation & Return to Work Coordinators Link Resources provides high quality and cost effective rehabilitation services to our clients; ensuring the best possible outcome is achieved. One of our qualified and approved Rehabilitation and Return Coordinators can:

  • Develop and implement rehabilitation & return to work system
  • Establish a positive working relationship with the injured worker and employer
  • Ensure effective ongoing communication with the case manager
  • Ensure the worker and employer understand their rights and responsibilities
  • Ensure the worker, employer and other key parties actively participate in the rehabilitation and return to work process
  • Liaise with: medical practitioners, allied health professionals, the employer and other key parties as required; regarding the capacity of the worker, and the availability of suitable duties, and to identify and address key barriers/Issues and rehabilitation strategies required to obtain a successful outcome
  • Ensure that when injured workers refuse to participate or fail to meet their obligations the potential consequences are explained to them, and the case manager Is kept informed