Standard 11 Course in Mine Safety Training in Sunshine Coast


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Standard 11 Course in Mine Safety Training in Sunshine Coast


RIIERR205D - Apply initial response first aid
RIIGOV201E - Comply with site work processes/procedures
RIIRIS201E - Conduct local risk control
RIICOM201E - Communicate in the workplace
RIIERR302E - Respond to local emergencies and incidents
RIIWHS201E - Work safely and follow WHS policies and procedures


2 days (20 hours) face to face


Available on Request


$695 per person


In all our locations!

Australia has multiple large-scale mining activity projects on the go. Each mining site comes with a particular set of hazards that all workers need to be aware of and have training for. From falling loads to exposure to harmful substances and gasses there are many potential hazards on an active mining site.

The best way to massively reduce the risk of these types of accidents is proper training in mine safety. This standard 11 course offered in the Sunshine Coast is taught by experienced professionals at an accredited and leading RTO (Registered Training Organisation) in Link Resources so you know you will be given the best training possible.

Why You Need Standard Course 11 Mine Safety Training

Mining is an incredibly dangerous industry with huge heavy machinery, cramped spaces, toxic chemicals, gasses and explosives so it goes without saying that mine safety training is mandatory for all workers on-site. The S11 mine safety course is a nationally recognised program that comes with its own certificate from Link Resources, an official RTO. This course is mandatory for anyone working in the mining industry on-site. This is especially relevant for the coal surface industry which offers many jobs in this environment. Whether you are new to mining or an experienced worker who needs a refresher course, the S11 mine safety training course will prevent accidents and protect your life.

What the Standard 11 Mine Safety Course Will Teach You

Our mining induction training course on the Sunshine Coast will teach attendees the following skills (and more) and safety procedures for all workers employed on a mining site:

  • Required knowledge of legislation
  • Appropriate equipment and PPE
  • General Safety (Including Risk Management)
  • Isolation and tagging
  • Emergency procedures
  • Lifesaving and initial response First Aid
  • Firefighting and fire prevention
  • The Environment
  • General mining overview

Completing this course will show proof of competency with a nationally recognised certificate to prove that they are competent to work safely on a mining site. This has to be issued by an RTO (Registered Training Organisation) like Link Resources.

Who Can Apply for Working at Heights Training?

Australian law requires the following requirements are met by all applicants:

  • English Understanding – Effective communication is vital to absorb information during the training course. The trainee must have basic knowledge of both verbal and written English as it is required that the trainees understand the training course, which is formatted in English
  • Age – Applicants but be at the age of 18 years old and above before applying
  • Proof of Identity Must present evidence of identity before getting accepted for working at heights training
  • Unique Student Identifier – All trainees must be in possession of USI, a unique reference number given to trainees who are learning vocational education training

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Standard 11 (S11) training course?

The Standard 11 (S11) training course, also known as the GI Coal Surface course or GIQ, is an induction course designed for individuals working or planning to work in the mining industry. It focuses on various aspects of mining safety and covers topics such as legislation, equipment, and personal protective equipment (PPE), general safety, emergency procedures, first aid, firefighting and the environment. Our training course covers the following units:

• RIIERR205D – Apply initial response first aid
• RIIGOV201E – Comply with site work processes/procedures
• RIIRIS201E – Conduct local risk control
• RIICOM201E – Communicate in the workplace
• RIIERR302E – Respond to local emergencies and incidents
• RIIWHS201E – Work safely and follow WHS policies and procedures

Why is the Standard 11 Induction necessary?

The Standard 11 Induction is necessary for individuals seeking employment in the mining industry. Every mine worker must possess the Standard 11 qualification and it is also required to refresh this qualification under the mine training scheme at least once every five years. This induction ensures that workers have the necessary knowledge and skills to maintain a safe working environment in the mining industry, adhere to regulations, and effectively respond to potential hazards and emergencies.

What certification will I receive upon completing the Standard 11 (S11) training course?

Upon successfully completing the course and being deemed competent, you will receive a Statement of Attainment. This certification is nationally recognised and is issued by Link Resources Training (RTO 45483). It is recognised under the Australian Qualifications Framework.

Who should attend the Standard 11 (S11) training course?

Anyone seeking employment or currently employed in the mining industry, including miners, contractors, and other personnel, should attend the Standard 11 training course. Many mining companies and sites require this certification for employment.

What topics are covered in the Standard 11 (S11) training course?

The course typically covers a range of safety topics, including risk management, hazard identification, site communication, personal protective equipment (PPE), working safely at heights, working in confined spaces, and operating small plant and equipment.

How long does the Standard 11 (S11) training course take to complete?

2 full days.

Is the Standard 11 (S11) certification valid in all states of Australia?

Yes, the Mining Induction Standard 11 certification is nationally recognised, so it is valid in all states and territories of Australia.

Are there any prerequisites for attending the Standard 11 (S11) training course?

Generally, there are no specific prerequisites for attending the course. However, participants must possess basic literacy and numeracy skills, and have appropriate work visas.

Is the training conducted in a classroom or on-site?

The training can be delivered both in a classroom setting and on-site.

Is there an assessment at the end of the course?

Yes, participants typically need to pass a written assessment and practical exercises to obtain the Standard 11 certification.

How long is the Standard 11 (S11) certification valid?

The Standard 11 certification is valid for five years. After that period, individuals may need to undertake refresher training to keep the certification current.

What should I bring with me to the course?

Participants should bring a valid form of identification, such as a driver’s license or passport, as well as appropriate clothing and closed-toe shoes for practical exercises.