Confined Space Entry With Breathing Apparatus Training in Sunshine Coast


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Confined Space Entry With Breathing Apparatus Training in Sunshine Coast






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Workers who are required to monitor gas levels in a confined space when using breathing apparatus is a highly dangerous and specific skills. Gaining the skills and knowledge to work in a confined space would already be important, but it’s even more crucial when operating self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) in a restricted space. Operating and maintaining apparatus and equipment in an irrespirable atmosphere as outlined by the Australian Standard (AS2865) is taught in the Sunshine Coast by our expert course instructors. All attendees will be fully certificated by Link Resources who are an RTO (Registered Training Organisation).

Why You Need Confined Space with Breathing Apparatus Safety Training

Whenever breathing apparatus is in use you are already working in potentially dangerous circumstances. Not only because of the lack of air, but the equipment itself and also the hazards that become more dangerous in a confined space. Confined spaces are not just tight spaces to be in like tunnels, manholes and vents, they are also spaces where access is restricted either by its location, or difficulty or access is limited (like a single entry and exit). The course will determine whether each participant has adequate skills to be able to work in these conditions, this is measured with a written theory test and practical exams.

What the Confined Space with Breathing Apparatus Course Will Teach You

Our breathing apparatus course on the Sunshine Coast will teach attendees the following skills and safety procedures for all workers operating breathing apparatus in a confined space:

  • Applicable legislations and company confined space procedures
  • Definitions and types of confined spaces
  • Hazard identification and risk management procedures
  • Hazardous atmospheres including gas monitoring techniques
  • Isolation, purging, ventilation
  • Roles and responsibilities of team including standby
  • Rescue equipment and procedures
  • Industry case studies

Completing this course will show proof of competency with a nationally recognised certificate to prove that they are competent to work safely with SCBA (self-contained breathing apparatus) in a confined space. This has to be issued by an RTO (Registered Training Organisation) like Link Resources.

Who Can Apply for Confined Space Entry With Breathing Apparatus Training?

Australian law requires the following requirements are met by all applicants:

  • Physically Capable All candidates must be able to perform entry and work in confined spaces (physical tasks) while wearing SCBA weighing up to 12kg
  • English Understanding – Effective communication is vital to absorb information during the training course. The trainee must have basic knowledge of both verbal and written English as it is required that the trainees understand the training course, which is formatted in English
  • Age – Applicants but be at the age of 18 years old and above before applying
  • Proof of Identity Must present evidence of identity before getting accepted for working at heights training